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About Us and How to Help is a privately-funded, non-profit volunteer organization. Its purpose is to help you succeed by introducing the technology of L. Ron Hubbard to you. By using this real-world technology, you can enjoy a richer, happier and more fulfilling life. is free. We have nothing to sell. No memberships, no pop-ups and no ads for you to click. We do not accept donations, commissions or joint ventures. Just free articles we hope will help you succeed.

For your convenience, some of the TipsForSuccess articles include links to additional articles, videos and online courses that are based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Check out these resources to learn more ideas to help you succeed, all at no charge.

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Personal Note

Thanks to the discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard, I have reached my personal goals. Now my goal is to help you reach YOUR goals.

I enjoy writing these articles and finding new ways to help you and others. I also appreciate having permission from the L. Ron Hubbard Library to share his quotes with you.

To your success!

Mike Chatelain, Director,