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How to Get Along with Your Spouse (and Others)

When your spouse does something wrong, how do you react? Some spouses like to blame. “You really embarrassed me when you told that stupid joke. You make me want to stay at home.” Other spouses prefer to criticize. “You’re so fat it makes me sick.” Getting even is also a favorite response. “Well, because you were flirting with Chris, I decided to flirt with Pat.” Read rest of article . . . .

How Do You Solve Money Problems?

What do you do?

  1. Stop spending
  2. Worry
  3. Blame someone or something
  4. Give up
  5. Go further into debt
  6. Sell a possession
  7. Become depressed
  8. Complain
  9. Cheat or steal
  10. Hope someone will just give you the money you need

Of course, none of these solutions help you gain more money.

However, the following solution is very effective. Read rest of article . . . .

Sample Articles

Are You a Professional?

How you look, talk, write, act and work determines whether you are a professional or an amateur. Society does not emphasize the importance of professionalism, so people tend to believe that amateur work is normal. Many businesses accept less-than-good results.

Schools graduate students who cannot read. You can miss 15% of the driving-test answers and still get a driver license. “Just getting by” is an attitude many people accept. But it is the attitude of amateurs. Read rest of article . . .

Being Too Serious Can Ruin Your Success

Are you having fun? Do you get a thrill from your work? Do you enjoy waking up each morning?

Myths about working can hurt your progress. “Work is not supposed to be fun.” “You must buckle down and get serious.”Perhaps the biggest myth of all: “People will think I’m important if I act seriously.” Yet getting serious creates problems: stress, worry, anxiety, emotional pain, drudgery and failure. Read rest of article . . . .

How to Handle Difficult People

A bully at your work is difficult for you to face. He is demanding you do part of his job without pay or credit. How do you handle it?

Your neighbors are constantly fighting. They wake you up in the middle of the night with their screams and curses. What do you say to them?

Your father is unhappy about your career choice. He constantly criticizes your work and points out what he thinks you should do. How do you deal with him? Read rest of article . . . .