Focus Power, Part Two

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Getting Focused is Not Always Easy

Almost everyone in this world is stuck in a cloud of distracting memories, thoughts and illusions. This cloud prevents them from focusing on present time. It makes them dull, tired, irrational, stressed out, afraid, unsatisfied and miserable.

By working on this important performance skill, you can sharpen your focus and operate at a much higher level of success.

For example, you are talking to an important person who has blonde hair. Your mind automatically shows you pictures of people you have known with blonde hair including someone who are a a total jerk to you. Within seconds you feel slightly angry toward this important person. You do not realize how you are being distracted . . . until you get focused. Once you do that, you suddenly feel cheerful and carefully listen to the important person. He or she likes you a LOT more.

As another example, you are worried about money. It’s all you think about, all day long. “I need some money.” “I can’t pay my bills.” “I’m failing.” “I’ll be homeless.” “No one will ever give me a loan.” “I’m a loser.” “I can’t even buy good food.” Your constant worrying prevents you from being focused on your work or opportunities, so you never make much money.

However, if you constantly work on this skill, your personal power becomes greater than the influence of these ten barriers.

Top Ten Barriers to Focusing

Whenever you try to focus on what you are doing, you can become distracted by any of these ten problems.

  1. Body problems (illness, injuries, pain, hunger, lack of sleep)
  2. Unpleasant memories, losses and mistakes from the past
  3. Worries about the future
  4. Self-criticism
  5. People who dislike you, criticize you or oppose you
  6. Ego (need to be right, to hurt someone to be superior)
  7. Negative emotions (anxiety, anger, fear, sadness, shyness, etc.)
  8. The news media
  9. Chemicals (recreational drugs, alcohol, medications, etc.)
  10. Threats (from people or the environment)

Fortunately, you can take command of your attention and focus despite these barriers. A good place to start is with the TipsForSuccess Focus Workbook.

Benefits of Sharpening Your Focus

  1. You think faster and with more clarity. You are more alert.
  2. You have more attention available to work on your goals.
  3. You make terrific decisions, find great solutions and have bright ideas.
  4. Emergencies are easier for you to handle as you are not distracted by memories or imagination.
  5. Your reaction time is faster. For example, your performance in sports, video games and races improve. You live “in the zone.”
  6. Your relationships improve as you deal with people as they are right now, not how they were in the past or how you hope they will be in the future.
  7. You notice more detail in every moment. It’s like cleaning filthy sunglasses. For example, during a meeting you notice tiny reactions in others that are easy to miss. As a result, you say or do the right things. You also do them immediately instead of later realizing what you should have said (“Oh no! I should’ve said . . .”).
  8. People naturally follow you. Your plans make more sense. You get more cooperation.
  9. You see opportunities that others miss, and you act without hesitation, greed or fear. You are a better investor.
  10. You feel fresh enthusiasm for your goals and purposes. You have a sharper vision of where you are going, but you focus on the only step that matters: the single one in front of you.

How Being Focused Helps You Earn More Money

What do you do that makes money? How could more focus help you increase that income?

Let’s say that you and Bob want the same thing from Cheryl (a sale, a contract or a promotion). Cheryl wants to interview you both to see who she will pick. Bob’s interview is normal. They chat, discuss Cheryl’s needs and what Bob can do for her.

You then meet with Cheryl and get focused. You pay close attention to what she needs and wants. You present your service or product in a way that meets every detail of what Cheryl needs and wants. You also have a more professional presence, which impresses Cheryl.

Naturally, Cheryl picks you for the job and your income goes up.

  • If your job performance improves, you earn more pay.
  • If you focus on your staff members’ success, you earn more money.
  • If your business is more focused than ever, your business makes more income.
  • If you use your focus with everyone around you, they are happier to give you money.
  • If you are focused while looking for opportunities, you jump on the ones that may make you rich.

All you have to do is do what you’re doing when you’re doing it.


To take control of your attention and increase your focus, follow the steps in the Focus workbook.

Do the workbook parts that interest you, pick the recommendations you want to try, create an Action Plan and DO IT!