Foolish Love

When you’re in love, the whole world sings with you. Or does it?

Let’s say a young couple falls in love. All day long, they think about each other. If they are apart, they constantly talk or send messages to each other. A beautiful obsession.

But one day, one of them wants to spend time alone with a friend. Jealousy flies into the picture. One feels trapped and the other feels abandoned. They argue and fight. No one is happy.

Compare this couple to a pair who have been married for 25 years. This couple feels admiration and respect for each other. They spend time apart with no one feeling jealous. They are both happy.

“Love all too often is a compulsive passion which devours the very young.”

“They don’t even see the person to whom they have attached their sentiment*. They don’t even know that person is there. They’re ‘in love!’”

“A thing which is loved has to be trapped and caged, and a thing which is admired is a thing which you would like to see free.” — L. Ron Hubbard (*sentiment = emotional feeling)

If you are obsessed with your mate, move up to feelings of admiration before it’s too late.

If you wish to add new life to your relationship, look for new ways to admire your mate. Make it okay in your mind for him or her to be free and happy without you. Increase your respect for this person.

See for yourself that deep admiration and sincere respect results in two, very happy people.