Nothing can ruin a relationship or marriage faster than jealously. Jealousy creates anxiety, anger, loneliness, hate, fear. No one thinks clearly when jealous.

Having a relationship with a jealous person is tough. The jealous person acts untrusting or unworthy. Jealousy makes the person unattractive, even repulsive.

No one wants a jealous mate and no one likes being jealous. So what causes jealousy?

“Jealousy is the largest factor in breaking up marriages. Jealousy comes about because of the insecurity of the jealous person and the jealousy may or may not have foundation. This person is afraid of hidden communication lines and will do anything to try to uncover them.” — L. Ron Hubbard

When you are jealous, a line of communication is going on with your spouse or lover that is hidden from you. The mystery causes the pain. If you had witnessed your spouse’s communication line, so it was not hidden from you, you would not feel jealous.

Hidden communication lines or mysteries make you think of questions. “Is he having an affair?” “Is she going to leave me?” “Does she think I’m unattractive?”

When you are jealous, the mystery makes you assume the worst. “Maybe he’ll fall in love with his cute receptionist and leave me.” “She’s going to lunch with her old boyfriend because she’s still attracted to him.” “He’ll come home and tell me he wants a divorce.”

So how do you handle your feelings of jealousy? How do you deal with a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend who is jealous?

Solution to Feeling Jealous

“Communication is the root of marital success from which a strong union can grow, and non-communication is the rock on which the ship will bash out her keel.” — L. Ron Hubbard
(Keel: The main structural part of a ship that goes from bow to stern—front to back.)

If you are jealous, you need to communicate. You need to stop assuming the worst and ask questions. You need to communicate your feelings so you can work out solutions.

Bob says to his wife, “I don’t want to feel this jealously. I want to get rid of it by asking you a question, okay? Good. So are you attracted to Joe?”

His wife says, “Heavens no! Joe just wanted some help with his son. I love YOU like crazy!”

Bang! The hidden communication is revealed. The mystery is resolved. Bob feels much better.

If Bob doesn’t communicate, his wife’s communication with Joe makes Bob jealous, afraid and angry. Their marriage suffers.

Solution to a Jealous Mate

If your spouse or lover is jealous, use more communication to resolve the problem. Make sure you have no hidden lines of communication. “Would you like to read this letter from Jill?” “Can we meet with Joe to help with his son?”

As another example, you notice Marcia looks depressed and is not talking. You ask yourself, “What communication line might be hidden from Marcia?” You realize she’s been acting unhappy since you started working for an attractive female boss.

“Marcia, have I told you about my new boss?” Marcia jumps up and wants to talk. You communicate the facts and remove the mystery. Marcia becomes cheerful and says, “I wasn’t worried. Want to watch a movie?”

As well as using communication to resolve mysteries, communicate your feelings for your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. Tell him or her how you feel. Express your love. Show your affection.

  1. Resolve the mysteries of the past.
  2. Discuss your feelings in the present.
  3. Make plans for the future.

Thanks to communication, your relationship is a big success.