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Make Your Dreams Come True
Part One: “Name”

You can accomplish ANYTHING if you do three things:

1. “NAME” or describe exactly what you need to create, accomplish or produce.
2. “WANT” or truly desire that result or product.
3. “ORGANIZE TO GET” or produce the end result.

Let’s start with the first step of Naming your objective.


Naming your products or objectives is an important and powerful step you must take to increase your income, rise to the top in your profession, find the perfect place to live, pay off your debts, find a great job, hire terrific employees, start a successful business and so on.

For example, David, a highly-successful business owner, was having a difficult time finding a new wife. Because of his status, wealth, charm and social connections, dozens of single women were attracted to him. Yet after a year of dating, David could not find his new mate. “I can’t decide who I want to be with. It’s driving me crazy!”

So he learned to “Name” the mate he was seeking. He described, in writing, every characteristic he wanted in a wife. After a few minutes, he became excited about his list of qualities. “. . . good sense of humor, likes to entertain, wants a big family, lets me eat snacks in bed . . .” He said, “As soon as I meet her, we’re getting married!”

Four weeks later he met his mate. He recognized her immediately as he had named exactly who he was looking for. They have been happily married for 29 years and have four children.

Get Specific

The more specific you are when you name the product, the more likely you will get it.

If the boss tells a staff member, “Get busy,” you will see lots of action, but may not see any products. The staff member accomplishes much more when the boss says, “Scan and upload these documents to the related customers’ records.”

Parents who name products with their kids have happier, more productive children. For example, “Clean up this mess!” is not nearly as effective as “Pick up all the toys on the rug and put them in your toy box over there, right now, okay?”

A car salesperson might name his week to include 30 test rides, 2 sales and $1200 in commissions. An accountant might want to complete 20 tax forms and start 3 new clients. A mother might want her five-year-old to use good manners and her 16-year-old to stop smoking pot.

If you fail to name your objective, you waste time and energy.

For example you say, “I have to get some money fast!” You then jump from one opportunity to another and accomplish nothing.

If instead you say, “I need $5000 by the end of the month. That means I need to produce the following . . . .” And then you name the necessary products or objectives you need to accomplish. As a result, your chances of getting the $5000 are much greater.

How to Name Your Dream

Naming your objective allows you to sharpen your focus and devote your energy in the right direction. You know the actions you need to take. You can name your products for the hour, day, week, month, year, decade or lifetime.

These steps may help you.

1. Think of something you need or want.

2. Describe this product, result or objective as specifically as possible. List the qualities in detail.

3. Include a date when you want to get it produced or accomplished, and then get started.

4. As you work to get what you need or want, review your description regularly.

5. Constantly revise and update your description, as you think of new qualities or discover what you truly want or do not want.

6. If you discover your product or objective is unrealistic, revise your description to fit reality.

7. Persist until you get it.


You want to buy a house. You look online and drive by five houses. You talk to a real-estate agent who confuses you with questions that you cannot answer. You find reasons to wait.

But then you NAME your objective.

“A house I can afford.”

You then figure out the finances to determine how much you can pay per month. You also use an online calculator and discover you can afford to buy a $250,000 house.

You then drive around and look at houses around $250,000 and get depressed. “They’re all dumpy houses!” You give up.

But then you go back and NAME your objective more specifically.

“A house I can afford that is not a dump.”

You realize you need to be more specific and decide to follow the above steps. You make a complete list.

● No more than $250,000
● Comfortable or potentially comfortable
● Nice looking or potentially nice looking
● Quiet, at least five miles away from traffic noise
● 1500 square feet or more
● A real-estate agent who knows the area and willing to help me

You find an agent who fits your needs. She gives you ten candidates that fit your list.

You realize some of these are too far away, are in bad neighborhoods or have no yards. You keep naming your objective.

● Low-crime area
● In Washington County
● Small yard or a lot that is at least 5000 square feet

Your agent then sends you two listings that might fit your needs. You feel excited!

You look at 15 more houses and continue to learn about real estate. You add more details to your list.

● No mold in the walls
● Neighbors who keep their houses looking nice
● Room to park two cars off the road
● Available to move in by the end of the year

Your agent has nothing that meets your need, but assures you something will show up.

A week later she calls, “I may have found it! It meets all your requirements.”

You jump in your car, see that the house meets all your needs.

You buy it.

What Are Your Dreams?

When you properly NAME your dream, objective, creation or product, you take the first important step to succeeding. You can NAME anything. You can:

  • Start a new business
  • Innovate a new way to build wealth
  • Create an important non-profit group
  • Help your sister become mayor of your city
  • Write a book
  • Raise a big family
  • Get promoted to a specific position
  • Learn to build incredible websites

Anything you like.

Take a moment right now and start naming your dream!