Your Money Flows

Let’s say there are seven types of money flows. Which is yours?

1. Dry as a bone with no money flowing to you.
2. Drops of money, here and there, from time to time.
3. Dribble flow, like a leaking water faucet.
4. Steady flow of money, but stuck at one level.
5. Money spurting on and off in uncontrolled random amounts.
6. A river of money that meets and exceeds your needs.
7. A huge waterfall of money that drowns you in cash.

If you are in the last category, you won’t need this article. Otherwise, read on!

How Does Money Flow to You?

Boost Your Income by Attracting More Attention” covers the secret to making money to flow to you. In this article, we expand on this priceless knowledge with more details and examples, along with a chart to  help you calculate your money flow condition.

“Money flows toward points which attract prosurvival* attention.”
“You, as an individual, will make as much money as you attract prosurival attention.”
“You can plot how much money anyone is going to make just with that.”
“All you’ve got to do is stand up there and keep on being prosurvival, and be prosurvival in a widening communicating sphere.”
“You make as much as you get attention, and you get as much attention in a society, as far as you put your communication lines out. Put them way out.” — L. Ron Hubbard from a lecture of 26 March 1953 (*Prosurvival: something that is beneficial, positive or good for you and others.)

In other words, do two things:

1. Create or produce a beneficial, prosurvival product. (Note: In this article, “product” includes anything you create or sell: physical objects, services, your time, ideas, property, management, knowledge and anything else of value.)

2. Get attention for your product.

To prove the point, you like to give money to people or organizations that attract your attention and appear to be prosurvival, correct?

You do NOT give money to people or organizations that do not attract your attention OR who appear to be nonsurvival, true?

So if your product is prosurvival, or beneficial to people, and if you generate a lot of positive attention for that product, you create a waterfall of cash.

How This Works With Your Type of Money Flow

1. Dry as a bone: You are attracting no prosurvival attention.

2. Drops of money: You get a little money for small products, but not much attention.

3. Dribble flow: You provide a valuable product, but get little attention.

4. Steady flow of money: You get prosurvival attention from one or two sources only.

5. Money spurts: You get prosurvival attention from time to time.

6. A river of money: You generate prosurvival attention while constantly producing more, new or better beneficial products AND you use new, awesome ways to attract attention.

7. A huge waterfall of money: Prosurvival attention to your awesome products is out of your control. It grows by itself. It goes viral!

Products That Only Appear Prosurvival

You might say, “Hey! Wait a minute! What about those con artists who get rich from bad products?”

It’s true. Certain people and businesses only APPEAR to be prosurvival. For example, McDonald’s, Coke, Budweiser, Winston Cigarettes and many pharmacies produce products that are bad for your health. They attract billions by LOOKING like they are beneficial companies. They fool us by using prosurival messages.

McDonald’s: “You Deserve a Break Today”
Coke: “Have a Coke and a Smile”
Budweiser: “This Bud’s for You”
Winston: “Winston Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should”
Purdue Pharma (makers of OxyContin) “Get Your Life Back”

Using fake prosurvival messages explains why antisocial persons sometimes make a lot of money, as well. How?

They convince the media they are doing good for the world, but they are just making money by lying to us and merely LOOKING like they are prosurvival..

For example, people like Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, Leah Remini, Elizabeth Holmes and others, including Hitler, pretend to be good, brave, brilliant social people who work for the good of all. They attract a lot of attention to themselves and their “prosurvival” messages. They make millions!

Of course, sooner or later, their actual bad intentions become known, and their money stops flowing.

Products That ARE Prosurvival

So when an individual or business provides products that are actually good for you, AND when they attract a lot of prosurvival attention, their money flows and flows without stopping.

Examples: Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Samsung, Disney, OpenAI and many others produce prosurvival products and attract lot of attention. Their gushing money flows are in the billions!

As another example, artificial intelligence (AI) is producing amazing prosurival services and products, for free!. The media is making sure AI is getting a lot of attention. As a result, investor and business money is GUSHING to AI businesses and individuals.

On an individual basis, brilliant or “A-Performer” workers are those who do their jobs better than average. They are the top 5% of the world’s population. When they decide to attract money flows and get rich, they simply  get prosurvival attention to their superior work. They are known as “Big Beings.”

Big Beings, who are professionals, also produce incredible prosurvival products. They include artists, doctors, writers, executives, accountants, musicians, computer programmers, marketing directors, scientists, even comedians. Their prosurvival products attract a lot of prosurvival attention and money flows to them.

So let’s plot how much money is flowing to you and how you can increase your money flows.

How this Chart Works

You can calculate you or your group’s position on this chart to increase your money flows (click chart to expand).

Top Right Quadrant, Money Gushes: You are famous for your beneficial product or service. You make a great deal of money. As you make your service or product more and more beneficial, and as you get more and more attention, your income keeps increasing.

Top Left Quadrant, Money Trickles: You create and deliver prosurvival products. You do not attract very much attention. Your income is stuck and you constantly struggle with money.

Bottom Right Quadrant, Money Spurts: You are attracting attention. You are known for certain reasons, good or bad. Your income goes up and down depending on your reputation. Your reputation depends on your products.

Bottom Left Quadrant, Money Drips or Dries Up: Your income is low because you do not attract prosurvival attention. You do not produce prosurvival products, no one knows about your products or people believe you produce nonsurvival products.

Three Examples

Example #1: The Pain Killer Diet

Let’s say you are a chef and you discover a combination of healthy food and vitamins that eliminates all types of pain in everyone! You call it the “Eat Pain Away Diet.” You create a $10 online course to explain it. You announce it with a short video on YouTube. You wait for the flood of interest, but nothing happens. After a month, you get 400 views and sell five online courses for an income of $50. You have a trickle of income because you attracted no attention. You keep your restaurant job.

Bryn, an exercise guru, finds your video and buys your $10 course. She loves it so much she recreates it in her own style and calls it “Bryn’s Pain Relief Diet.” Her diet also eliminates pain for everyone! She announces it on YouTube and every social media outlet possible. She buys advertising and sells thousands of custom meal planners, her new book and three online courses. She is a guest on five morning talk shows and eight large health podcasts. Bryn becomes famous while you grumble. Her money flows gush!

Example #2: The Tax Scam

Even though you are a certified accountant, you are in debt because of your fancy cars, expensive devices and lavish lifestyle. You need a LOT of money to pay your bills.

So you invent a new way to prepare taxes that ensures your clients pay no taxes. You think, “This is brilliant! I’ll make clients so happy they pay me well and promote me to everyone they know!”

You pay for advertisements that say, “Pay No Taxes without Risk.”

You produce professionally looking documents that are full of fake calculations. You move money around. You bend or break the rules so your clients pay nothing to the government.

You charge big fees to your clients. “Instead of paying $125,000 in taxes, pay me just $20,000 and I’ll take care of everything for you.”

You pretend to provide a prosurvival service and get as much attention as possible. Your money flows have a big spurt!

You and your clients get into legal trouble. You invent excuses and delays. You use tricks to hide your criminal work.

Finally, your reputation is destroyed. Your accounting certificate is cancelled. Your money flow vanishes.

To avoid jail, you move to another city, change your name and work as a Walmart janitor.

Example #3: The Wedding Songs

You write wonderful love songs, but you can’t sing. You try to get professional singers to record your songs, but no one is interested. Your income is $0.

You try to think of a prosurvival use for your songs and you have a bright idea. “I’ll compose custom wedding songs and sell them to wedding singers.” The song lyrics will include the couple’s names, history and personal details. For example,

“When Mel and Jane met that magical night in San Francisco, they talked all night.”
“Had they finally found their soul mates?”
“They promised to meet on Friday,
“But Mel lost his phone and couldn’t reach her…”

You make calls and send emails to wedding singers explaining your idea. They try out a few and they love them! They want to work with you.

During their weddings, couples laugh and cry when they hear “their” songs. Wedding guests, wedding planners and even ministers upload your songs all over the internet. They generate a lot attention for you. Everyone wants a personalized love song for their weddings.

Your money flows gush!

Four Steps to Calculate Your Position on the Money Flows Quadrant

Step 1. Plot How Much Money You Make
Pick a spot on the quadrant that fits your current income flow.

  • If there is no flow or just a few drops, it’s in the lower left quarter.
  • If the flow is erratic spurts, off and on, it’s in the lower right quarter
  • If the flow is stuck or just a trickle, it might be in the top left quarter
  • If it flows and gushes, your money flow is in the top right quarter.

Step 2. Rank the Prosurvival Level of Your Service or Product
Give yourself a score between 1-10 based on questions like these:

  • What problems do your service or product solve?
  • Is it better than similar solutions?
  • How important is it to people?
  • Is it as prosurvival as it can be?
  • Does it have room to improve?
  • Do they love it so much they enthusiastically promote it and make it go viral?

Mark your score on the left edge of the blank quadrant chart.

Step 3. Rank the Amount of Attention You Are Getting
Give yourself a score between 1-10 based on questions like these:

  • How many people know about your service or product?
  • Do they really understand the value of what you do?
  • Is anyone making you look bad?
  • How can you improve your reputation?
  • How much more attention can you generate?

Mark your score on the bottom edge of the blank quadrant chart.

Step 4. Mark the Intersection of the Two Points
If this intersecting point matches your money flow quadrant, more or less, you have correctly calculated or plotted your money flow.
If the intersection of your two scores do not match your money flow position, look at all three points above to see what you need to adjust.

Based on your current position on the chart, you can now see how you can increase your money flow and move to the top right quarter.

Create Your Action Plan

Write down a plan of how to make your money GUSH with ideas like these:

Tips to Make Your Product More Prosurvival

1. Make a list of all everything you do that is prosurvival. What do you do that people admire? What makes you proud? What is the most prosurvival product you can produce? (As a reminder, “Product” might include a physical object, a service, your time, ideas, property, management, knowledge and anything else of value.)

2. Constantly improve your product. Work a little harder. Learn a bit more. Take more responsibility.

3. Be a person who makes everyone happier.

4. Make your home and work spaces clean, organized and aesthetic. Live in spaces that are a joy to experience. Invite people to your spaces to attract their attention

5. Upgrade your job performance. Focus on present time. Be outgoing. Expect more from yourself.

6. Keep your body healthy, clean and well-dressed. Look like the prosurvival person you are.

7. Stay aware of new technology, such as artificial intelligence. See how you can use new tech to make your product more prosurvival.

8. Create, create, create. Use your imagination. Invent new solutions to old problems. Sooner or later, you think of terrific, prosurvival products.

Tips to Get More Attention

1. Promote the spectacular results you are accomplishing. Make sure everyone knows about it. As successful promoters like to say, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.”

2. List everyone who you depend on for your income, like your bosses or big customers. Get their attention on your amazing results.

3. Use social media to get prosurvival attention to you and your product. Constantly expand these opportunities to make yourself better known.

4. Create pages of success stories from your customers or clients. Tell everyone you can about these wins.

5. Find ways to share your charming personality, knowledge or successes to as many people as possible: social media, podcasts, videos, articles, etc.

6. Figure out who is attracting the most prosurival attention on social media. Use them as your inspiration to create your own methods of attention.

7. When thanking people, be open, sincere and LOUD. Your gratitude to them attracts their attention.

8. Write a book and publish it yourself on Amazon.

9. Promote something unique about yourself or your product. Stand out from the crowd.

10. Strike up conversations with strangers whenever possible. Ask about their products until they ask about your products. Promote the beneficial aspects of what you do.

11. Go to social events and meet as many new people as you can. Make them like you.

12. Get your family and friends to talk about the many ways you help people.

13. Speak in public at every opportunity.

14. Constantly widen your circles of communication.