Name Your Product

You can accomplish ANYTHING if you do three things:

1. “NAME” or describe exactly what you need to create, accomplish or produce.
2. “WANT” or truly desire that result or product.
3. “GET” or produce the end result.

The first step is to “Name” your product. (“Product” includes an objective, end result, outcome, target, need or want, as well as a service or physical object.)


Naming your products or objectives is a vital and powerful step you must take to increase your income, rise to the top in your profession, find the perfect place to live, pay off your debts, land a great job, find a perfect partner, hire terrific employees, start a successful business, improve your performance and so on.

As another example, David, a highly-successful business owner, was having a difficult time finding a new wife. Because of his status, wealth, charm and social connections, dozens of single women were attracted to him. Yet after a year of dating, David could not find his new mate. “I can’t decide who I want to be with. It’s driving me crazy!”

So he learned to “Name” the mate he was seeking. He described, in writing, every characteristic he wanted in a wife. After a few minutes, he became excited about his list of qualities. “. . . good sense of humor, likes to entertain, wants a big family, lets me eat snacks in bed . . .” He said, “As soon as I meet her, we’re getting married!”

Four weeks later he met his mate. Because he had “Named” who he was looking for, he immediately recognized her during a party. He proposed during their third date and has been happily married for 29 years . . . and they have four awesome children.

Get Specific

The more specific you are when you name the product, the more likely you will get it.

For example, if the boss tells a staff member, “Get busy, Bob” you will see lots of action, but may not see any products. Bob accomplishes much more when the boss names the product he wants: “Scan and upload these documents to the related customers’ records. Any questions Bob?”

Parents who name products with their kids have happier, more productive children. For example, “Clean up this mess!” is not nearly as effective as “Pick up all the toys on the rug and put them in your toy box over there, right now, okay?”

A car salesperson might name his weekly production to include 30 test rides, 2 sales and $1200 in commissions.

An accountant might name her objectives for the month to complete 20 tax forms and start 3 new clients.

A mother might name her products, for her job as a mom, to get her five-year-old to use good manners and her 16-year-old to stop smoking pot.

If you fail to name your end result, you waste time and energy.

For example, you say, “I have to get some money fast!” You then jump from one opportunity to another and accomplish nothing.

If instead you say, “I need to earn $5000 in commissions by the end of the month” and then name the exact products you need to produce, your chances of getting the $5000 are much greater.

By the way, the product of is “Highly successful people.” We keep this product in mind at all times.

Five Benefits of Naming Your Products

1. You sharpen your focus on one specific thing, not a generalized category of things.
2. Your path becomes clear. You see the actions you need to take.
3. You channel your energy in one direction instead of several directions.
4. You get more done in less time.
5. You make orderly progress toward your goals, one accomplishment at a time.

Ten Examples of Accomplishments That Need Names

Naming a product can help you get anything you want. Examples:

1. Create a new source of income
2. Find an awesome staff member, business partner, spouse, coach, etc.
3. Break a bad habit like smoking, drinking or eating sugar
4. Innovate a new way to promote and sell something
5. Help someone become mayor of your city
6. Form an important non-profit group or start a new business
7. Raise a big happy family
8. Find a great job or get promoted to a specific position
9. Create a fantastic video, website, app, book, screenplay and so on
10. Buy an expensive service or possession

To get these types of end results, start by giving them perfect names.