How to Reduce Anxiety

There has never been a better time for worry. We have problems everywhere: shootings, terrorist attacks, droughts, an unpredictable economy, fires, floods, political battles, wars and nuclear threats. According to most of the news, things are getting worse.

Symptoms of Anxiety

* You worry about everything, big things, little things, imaginary things
* You are afraid of making mistakes
* You find it hard to make decisions
* You feel nervous for no reason
* You feel dizzy or weak or tired
* Your fears control your life
* You imagine the worst
* Your body is tense
* You sleep poorly

Three Popular, but Bad Solutions

1. You visit your doctor and get a prescription for some anti-anxiety medication. After a few weeks, you may or may not feel calmer.

However, you dislike adding chemicals to your body. You don’t want the side effects. You hate needing a drug for your happiness. If you quit, you feel twice as anxious as before.

2. You visit your local bar or liquor cabinet. After a drink or two you feel calm.

Alcohol has the same disadvantages. You can hurt your liver or become an alcoholic. The next day, your head hurts and you still feel worried. You wish your happiness did not come from a bottle.

3. You go to a hypnotist or buy “subliminal” tapes that give you commands while you sleep. If you can go under, you feel calmer after the sessions.

But again, you hate not being in control of your feelings, good or bad. Your anxiety comes back in new forms. You wonder what other commands the hypnotist gave to you.

One Simple, Powerful Solution

By making one easy change in your lifestyle, you can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety. All you do is stop listening to certain people! You ignore the Merchants (sellers, distributors) of Chaos (disorder, confusion).

“It is to the Chaos Merchants’ interest to make the environment seem as threatening as possible for only then can they profit.”

“Look over a newspaper. Is there anything good on the front page? Rather there is murder and sudden death, disagreement and catastrophe. And even that, bad as it is, is sensationalized to make it seem worse.” — L. Ron Hubbard

Anyone who profits, by making the world seem worse than it is, is a Chaos Merchant.

For example, a politician makes crime seem like a bigger problem than anyone ever thought it was. He promises to fight crime better than his opponents. He wins if he scares enough people.

An arms dealer tells one country, “This country has secretly purchased some bombs and has pointed them at you. You need to buy some bombs and point them at their capital.”

Certain lawyers are Chaos Merchants. For example, they say, “A police friend of mine says they are going to investigate you and want to put you in jail. I can probably keep you out of jail, but my retainer is $75,000.”

Anyone can be a Chaos Merchant. For example, some guy at your work thinks he will make more money if you look bad. So he gives you bad news. “We might be laid off soon.” “You look tired. When was your last vacation?” “I don’t think the boss likes your attitude.” If you believe his nonsense, your production suffers.

Of course, the biggest, most influential Chaos Merchants are news media organizations: CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, BBC and others. To sell ads and make big profits, they stir you up, make you angry and addict you to their news. To keep you inflamed 24/7, they are on all your devices, all over the internet and on all commercial TV channels.

Fortunately, you can easily remove Chaos Merchants’ influence over you, and enjoy the peace, beauty and joy of living, 24/7.

Five Recommendations

1. Simply stop giving your time and attention to Chaos Merchants, especially all the news media. At least 80% of it is UPSETTING, USELESS and SLANTED. It’s a negative influence that controls your emotions, thoughts and actions.

If it upsets you, enrages you or makes you feel afraid, remove it from your life. Think about it. How does knowing the bad news help you? (Answer = it doesn’t.)

2. Start inflowing positive things that enhance your mood, increase your knowledge and improve your life. Let good things control your emotions, thoughts and actions. If you need to get the news, arrange for at least 80% of it to be UPLIFTING, VALUABLE AND ACCURATE.

Look for positive news, cheerful shows and some of the good news in this world. Examples: Good News Network, Fast Company, Smithsonian, Bored Panda and Freethink.

3. Whenever you feel anxious, inflamed or in danger, take a walk and look around. Notice how no one is actually trying to hurt you. Unless you are under physical attack right now, you will see the world is fine.

4. Ignore people who ruin your day, make you nervous or pass on disturbing “news.” These negative people suck some of your life out of you.

Instead, spend time with people who share success stories, cheerful news. These positive people add good things to your life. They make you feel fine, if not wonderful.

5. After a few days with no Chaos Merchants in your life, notice how you have been feeling. How does the world seem to you now? Are you as nervous, anxious or afraid?

If you are not sure if the Chaos Merchants really have any effect on you, do the above steps for 7-10 days. And then dive back into the news media or spend time with disturbing people for a few days. Notice how you feel.


Nearly everyone who breaks off all association with Chaos Merchants notices benefits like these.

* You find other parts of your life are more interesting.
* You notice your life feels less dangerous.
* You eat better and sleep better.
* You laugh more easily.
* You are less afraid.
* You feel healthier.
* You feel calmer.

Give it a try!

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