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​Need Security?

We need security for our money, our jobs and our assets. We want security for our families, our marriages and our friendships. We want to feel safe.

We do not want to feel danger, attack or risk. We do not want fear, anxiety or doubt. We do not want to be broke, ill or desperate.

Security is a big business in this world. For example, consider the billions spent on national security, online security, financial security, health insurance security and retirement security.

But what truly gives us security? Money? Expertise? Armed forces?

No, because wealthy people, experts and people with weapons feel just as insecure as everyone else.

Question: What do we all really want?

Answer: The ability to determine our future. Most of us want to enjoy a safe, abundant, healthy and prosperous future.

How can we get this kind of security?

“Self-confidence alone is security. Your ability is your security. There is no security but you.” — L. Ron Hubbard

That’s right: self-confidence. If you are confident, you feel secure.

For example, if you are confident you will never be hungry, you have food security. If you are confident you will earn enough money for all of your expenses, you have financial security. If you are sure you will always be a valuable worker, you have job security.

So why do we feel insecure?

“INSECURITY EXISTS IN THE ABSENCE OF KNOWLEDGE.” “All security derives from knowledge.” — L. Ron Hubbard from The Problems of Work

For example, if you have the knowledge of how to earn plenty of money for your needs, you feel financially secure. If you know how to make your marriage go well, you have a secure marriage.

KNOWING you will be okay is security.


By increasing your knowledge about work, business, finances, computers, marriage and, of course, successful living. It’s easier than you think.


Phil notices one of his back teeth is loose for no reason he can imagine. He feels insecure about his teeth as he realizes he could lose all of his teeth. He decides he needs more knowledge about teeth.

He reads 15 articles about tooth loss. He now KNOWS tooth loss comes from cavities and gum disease. He finds a dentist and demands help.

The dentist is happy to see a knowledgeable patient and helps Phil save his teeth. Phil cleans his mouth three times a day, visits his dentist twice each year and never loses a single tooth.

Because of his increased knowledge, Phil has security regarding his mouth. He KNOWS he will never need dentures.


1. Where do you need more security?

2. How would you feel if you had complete security in that area or topic.

4. What do you need to KNOW about that?

5. How can you get that knowledge?

6. Go get it!

Three More Examples

You worry about having no electricity for several days or weeks, especially during the winter. You do not want you and your family to be cold! So you increase your knowledge. You learn about home generators, living off the grid, solar panels, heat sources and more. As you study, you create a preparation plan so you and your family will never be cold. As you carry about your plan, you feel confidence that you will be fine. You have security.

You worry about losing your retirement savings. For the past 30 years you have been saving as much as you can, but terrified you might lose it all. What if we go into another depression like the 30’s? What if the government confiscates all savings accounts? What if I get sued and lose everything? What if I’m sick, old and broke? Will I actually be cold and hungry? You do your research. You ignore “gloom and doom” articles and get facts about insurance, the depression, retirement account rules, government takeovers and everything that worries you. You read investment books about billionaire investors. You talk to a lawyer, an accountant, an insurance rep and an investment counselor. The more you learn the more confident you feel. You figure out a plan that works for you and feel secure.

You want to travel to Mexico, but feel insecure about going to another country. You hear about drug cartels, tourist kidnappings and diseases. You do your research and find the bad news is completely exaggerated by the news media. You find facts, talk to people who have traveled around Mexico, learn about passports, read hotel reviews, watch travel videos, learn some Spanish and review your travel options. After a few hours, you start to feel secure about traveling to Mexico. After several days of research, you begin to feel like an expert. You have enough knowledge to dissolve your insecurities.