Self Analysis

by L. Ron Hubbard

Self Analysis is a do-it-yourself handbook you can use to improve your success potential. By using the simple techniques in Self Analysis for a short time each day, you build your self-confidence, improve your intelligence and reduce stress.

With Self Analysis, the writer helps you explore incidents in your past to improve yourself. The procedures improve your memory, speed up your reaction time and relieve anxiety. It gives you the clearest look you have ever had into your past.

You start with a series of tests to analyze your current life conditions. You repeat these tests from time to time as you progress through the book. Not only do you feel the results from using Self Analysis, you can see the proof in your test score improvements.

Self Analysis helps you:

  • Explore hundreds of joyful experiences in your past
  • Strengthen your imagination
  • Correctly identify dates of important details of your past
  • Improve your ability to recall sights, smells, sounds, tastes and feelings
  • Boost your confidence through self improvement
  • Deal with things in your past that make you uncomfortable
  • Clear out mental cobwebs so you think more clearly
  • Become a better friend to yourself

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