TipsForSuccess Workbooks

According to January’s survey of TipsForSuccess subscribers, the most useful way we can provide more help is with “Step-by-step guidelines for implementing the article recommendations.” We hope the new TipsForSuccess Workbooks meet that need.

We currently have two workbooks for you to try. These workbooks are PDFs (Portable Document Files). Simply download the PDFs and follow the workbook instructions.

TipsForSuccess Workbook: Focus Power

Your personal work performance is vital to your success. When your personal performance is constantly improving, your rewards are also constantly improving.

For example, if you get more work done in less time with greater quality than anyone around you, you earn more pay, get the jobs you want or you start a successful company. It all starts with your personal performance skills.

These skills include focus, courage, self-motivation, mood control, honesty, communication, sense of humor, responsibility, confidence and more.

This workbook helps you master the first of these skills: Focus

Sharpen your focus to a new level by clicking here to open the “Focus Power” Workbook PDF.

TipsForSuccess Workbook: “Name Your Product”

What does this mean?

“Naming Your Product” means you work out a precise name of your “product” which can be an objective, accomplishment, result of your work or anything you need or want.

If you only have a vague idea of what you want to get done, you may fail. However, if you write a detailed, specific name of your objective, your odds of success are MUCH GREATER.

This workbook includes three articles, dozens of examples, step-by-step instructions and two blank worksheets. You use this workbook to take the first step to achieve anything, entirely on your own.

To begin, click here to open the “Name Your Product” Workbook PDF. Follow the instructions in the PDF. For the PDF to work properly, you will need to download and save the PDF on your device.

Future Workbooks

At the end of each workbook is a feedback request. We will appreciate your thoughts on this type of success tool.

If we have enough interest for new workbooks, we will create them!