Like it or Not, People Follow Your Example

You may not realize how much influence you have on others. You might be the newest guy at the lowest-paying job in the worst company, but you still influence people.

For example, if you walk around work with speed and determination, others will notice this and feel more like walking around with speed and determination. As a new assistant, you therefore influence your boss.

If you taste a cookie in a restaurant and smile, people notice this. They will be happy to taste that type of cookie.

As another example, your friends are laughing at an overweight woman, but you don’t laugh. In fact, you frown. You don’t say anything. They stop laughing at the woman and may stop making fun of overweight women, because of your example.

“There are many people one influences. The influence can be good or it can be bad.” “The way to happiness requires that one set a good example for others.” — L. Ron Hubbard from The Way to Happiness

Children follow examples set by their parents, employees follow examples set by their bosses, and group members follow examples set by their leaders. Yet examples set by children, employees and group members also have an effect.

Set a Good Example

What kind of influence do you wish to cause? How do you want people to behave around you?

Do you like others to be clean, kind, patient, hard-working and honest? Respectful, understanding, interested, cheerful and polite? Healthy, persistent, smart, organized and fair?

By setting an example, you influence others. So the type of influence you wish to make is your choice.

For example, if you want people at work to be more supportive, start being more supportive yourself for several days and see what happens!

1. Write down how you want people to behave at your work and at home.

2. Write down how you can set the example for that behavior.

3. Set the example for a week.

4. Notice what happens.

5. Use this tool to create new happiness and success in your life.

Give it a try!

Watch a short video about setting a good example.