How to BE a Success

George wants to increase his income. Jane wants a healthier body. Andy wants a wife. Marie wants a successful accounting firm.

All four of these people know the steps they need to reach their goals. See their stories below.

Even though George, Jane, Andy and Marie know what they need to do, they never actually DO the steps they must do.

Why not?

Be, Do, Have

As everyone knows, to HAVE the things you want, you need to DO certain actions.

For example, before you can HAVE money, you need to work hard and constantly do a better job. To HAVE a nice website you need to spend a few hours each day for some online courses and website work. To HAVE a good marriage, you need to spend more time with your spouse and be as kind as possible.

What most people do not know is that you must first take one vital step before you succeed.

“The ability to be is more important than the ability to do. The ability to do is more important than the ability to have.” — L. Ron Hubbard

That’s right! BEING is more important than DOING or HAVING. Did you know this?

Fortunately, You Can Be Anything

Do you remember when you were a kid how you could BE a race car driver in the morning, a president in the afternoon and a famous singer after dinner?

It’s not only fun to BE something new, it is VITAL for your success. That’s right, VITAL.

George Needs to Increase His Income

George works as a cashier at a grocery store, but wants a much better job. He wants to build, install and manage computer hardware for businesses. He knows the steps he needs to take: Advanced hardware training, a hardware tech apprenticeship and a great job that pays him really well to do computer hardware work. But he just can’t find the time to start. He never leaves the grocery store job.

George reads how BE is vital to his success and gives it a try. He starts to look like a hardware professional by wearing a black hoodie. He carries a small hardware toolkit for his pocket. He looks at high-end computers with admiration. He wears his glasses all the time. He strolls around computer stores with a look of knowledge and confidence.

Because his now BEING a confident hardware professional, he hangs out with a hardware guy he knows. He spends his nights watching free hardware tutorials. He applies for hardware apprenticeships at Microsoft, Amazon and Google and gets accepted by one of them. Within a few days, he’s DOING what he needs to do to increase his income.

Jane Wants a Healthier Body

Jane needs to control her diet and exercise every day. Jane wants to exercise every day, but she hates to force herself to start jogging (like most people do). So instead, she works on the BE. She becomes a jogger. She puts on her running suit, her running shoes and her running hat. She stretches her muscles like a competitive runner. She straps her phone to her arm, puts on her earbuds and turns on some rock ‘n’ roll.

Because she starts BEING a jogger, can’t wait to go out and start jogging. She feels healthier already! The DO is now easy. She goes outside and enjoys her run every day.

What identity should Jane take if she wants to control her diet? Maybe a diet expert? Perhaps a gourmet cook who specializes in healthy food?

If she is just BEING a hungry person, like most people, she eats everything in sight. If she is BEING a health expert, she carefully selects the healthiest foods and beverages available.

Andy Wants a Wife

Andy understands what he needs to do: He needs to meet more girls, go on more dates and so on. Yet when he tries to do these things his fear takes over. He gets so nervous he can’t talk, or he says stupid things. Most women barely notice him. He decides he will remain single forever.

Andy learns that BE is more important than DO or HAVE. He realizes he looks boring, unattractive and shy. So he changes his identity to BE attractive, confident and cheerful.

He gets a great haircut, wears his best clothes, forces himself to stand straight and adds a confident smile to his face. A nice woman at his work notices him for the first time and smiles at him. He keeps working on his BE as an attractive, confident and cheerful man. He meets and talks to at least one new girl every other day and has at least one date per week. Because he became more attractive, confident and cheerful, he is DOING the steps he knows he needs to do to get a wife.

Marie Wants a Successful Accounting Firm

Marie’s home-office accounting firm barely pays enough for her and her young son to live. She knows she needs promote herself to get more new clients. Unfortunately, she believes it will be too hard for her to do. She believes, “You need money to build a successful firm and I have no money right now.”

Instead of thinking about DOING, she starts to think about BEING and comes up with some great ideas. She assumes the identity of a highly-successful accountant. She wears professional clothing every day, uses perfect English and she keeps her home office spotless. She learns how to have professional video calls with her clients. They are impressed with her upgraded BE.

Now she knows what to DO.

She offers free video consultation calls and promotes this free service to her clients. Within 10 days, she gets her first referral. She gives a professional consultation and lands a great new client. She keeps it up and more new clients give her work. She triples her income within six months.

The Incorrect BE

Some people will only assume one identity. They fail to get the things they want to DO or HAVE because they refuse to BE anything but that one identity.

For example, Stephen also wants a highly-successful accounting firm, but he won’t change his BE. “I don’t care what anyone thinks. My accounting work is perfect and I shouldn’t have to change who I am.

So Stephen wears the same type of clothing he wore in high school. He uses immature language. He eats tons of junk food. He plays video games all night. He is BEING a teenager. He never succeeds like Marie.

If you truly want to DO the actions necessary to HAVE what you want from life, work out and assume the correct BE.

Action Steps

1. Write down something you want to HAVE at the bottom of a blank page.

2. In the middle of the page, write down the actions you must DO to get it.

3. At the top of the page, work out the identity that you must BE. List the characteristics, attitudes, appearance, qualities and features of this identity. You may already have some of them and only need to add or replace a few.

4. Give your identity a name. Examples:
A powerful executive who turns any company into a big success
A professional athlete who wins all competitions
A fantastic schoolteacher who is loved by all children
A brilliant marketing professional who can get new customers for any business
A wealthy singer who writes and records amazing award-winning songs

5. Now give this identity a try. BE this person immediately. Assume the characteristics. Look in a mirror. Take a walk while BEING this person. Smile and nod at a few people and you will see them assume you are being this correct person. You are BEING who you need to BE.

6. Once you correctly and completely assume the identity of who you need to BE, you will want to DO the steps you wrote on the paper. You will be motivated to start!

Who should you BE today?