What is Your Most Valuable Asset?Your greatest asset is not money

Of all your assets, which one is most valuable? Your investments? Savings account? Coin collection?

Which of your assets makes you the most money? Your business? Your career? Your education?

While those are all valuable, one of your assets is more valuable than all others. This asset is essential to your income. No manager, professional or employee can succeed without it.

“The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.” — L. Ron Hubbard

For example, you help a lady with her car trouble without being asked. Later, you see that same lady in a store. She brightens your day with more thanks. You return to work with a bounce in your step and a big smile.

As another example, you arrive for an appointment for a job or to sell something. Even though the receptionist is busy and rude, you are kind and patient. After your meeting, you learn the receptionist is the company owner’s wife who was just filling in for the day. She tells her husband that you are a decent person.

Are you in the habit of being kind and understanding without thinking about it? With no thought of a return payment? If so, you know the joy and rewards of this habit. If you do not have this habit, try to form it!

In addition to feeling terrific, you can use this asset of yours to make good decisions.

Decision-Making Tool

Your decisions are always correct when you ask yourself questions like these.

1. Which of these choices increases my understanding of others?

2. Which is the kindest choice?

3. Which is the most decent choice?

4. Which is the right thing to do?

One of your choices will stand out as the smartest, most-beneficial choice you can make.

Five Steps to Using and Increasing the Value of Your Most Valuable Asset

1. Who should you take the time to better understand? Take your time to understand them today.

2. What right things should you be doing? Do them!

3. With whom could you show more kindness? Go do this.

4. What are the most decent things you can do? Plan to do these things frequently.

5. What are some new ways you could you be kind and decent? Now do these things, as soon as possible, starting today, and enjoy the results.

If you think about it, you never regret being too kind, too decent or too understanding.