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statistical growth

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happy lifetime marriage

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Get motivated

Fresh motivation!

Love yourself.

Greater love for yourself.

inner strength

Increased inner strength.

better work

Better work.

better friends

New or improved friendships.


Get tougher.


Bigger deals, better agreements.

more decisive

More decisive.

Retire in comfort.

New leadership skills.

more free time

More free time.

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Life is a game

How to Win the Game of Life

  • In this article, you learn the three parts of any game.
  • See how you are either winning or losing your life games.
  • Learn how to win ANY game in your life by simply balancing of the three parts of a game.

Click to read “Life is a Game.”

Is Money Attracted to You?

How well is money flowing to you? Where are you on this quadrant chart?

  • Drips and drops of money,¬†like a leaking water faucet.
  • Small trickles of money.
  • Spurts of money, on and off.
  • Rivers of money that exceed your needs.

This article covers the two ingredients you need to increase your money flows plus 17 recommendations to make money flow to you like a waterfall.

Click to read “Your Money Flows.”

Professionals Succeed,

Amateurs Fail

  • Why your success depends on you being a pro in everything you do.
  • The 18 differences between a Professional and an Amateur.
  • The first step to making yourself 100% professional.

Click to read “Are You a Professional?”

What Determines Your Income?

Can you increase your income with more education? Better work performance? Finding more connections?

Is your pay based on your age? Race? Health? Sense of humor?

While these things can influence your income, one other thing is more powerful. It can make your income explode: INCOME DEMAND.

Click to read “Income Demand” and use it to get rich.

How to Be Happy with Two Rules

Is it possible for you to have a happy day? All day? Every day?

  • If you are in the top right quadrant, you lead a happy life. You are following both of the rules.
  • If you are in the bottom right or top left quadrants, you are happy at times and unhappy at times.
  • If you are in the bottom left quadrant, you lead an unhappy life. You are not following either rule.

If you calculate your position on this chart, you can then create a step-by-step plan to lead a much happier life!

Read “The Happiness Chart.”

How to Form New Relationships

  • Learn the two steps to start a friendship with anyone.
  • Increase your circle of connections for long-term success.
  • Make anyone feel happy to meet you.

Click to read “How to Form New Relationships”

Get Motivated

  • Learn three techniques to motivate yourself whenever you like.
  • How your mental attitude is more powerful than fatigue.
  • Use your focus to boost your energy level.

Click to read “Three Motivation Tips”