Boost Your Income by Attracting More Attentionattract money

Decades before “The Law of Attraction” (books) and “The Secret” (film and book) became popular, L. Ron Hubbard revealed how money flows. It is a “secret” you can use to generate a lot more income. It also explains why so many people are broke.

“Money flows toward points which attract prosurvival attention. You make as much money as you get attention.” — L. Ron Hubbard (prosurvival: something that aids or assists you or others)

Prosurvival Attention

You can attract attention by committing a crime, but instead of getting rich, you go to prison. You attracted nonsurvival attention.

You attract prosurvival attention when you help people with their health, their lifestyle, their careers, their businesses and so on. For example, not long ago, computers began helping people and businesses in many incredible ways. This attracted a lot of attention. As a result, thousands of people in the computer industry became millionaires.

On an individual level, you need to be doing something that is prosurvival to others. You need to be helping your company, your co-workers and your clients or customers.

Attracting Attention

You then attract attention and show how you help people with their survival, happiness and success. As a result, you make money.

Businesses that attract attention succeed. For example, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart dominate their industries, yet they continue to spend millions in advertising and brand recognition. In fact, because advertising has never been cheaper, smart companies are promoting themselves like never before!

You, as an individual, can also attract good attention. You simply tell people about your prosurvival product or service. You get people to notice you. You brag it up!

For example, a friendly, helpful car salesman always wore a green hat. Like many salespeople, he truly helped people. All his customers remembered and recommended him, not by his name, but as the “guy in the green hat.” The hat gave him prosurvival attention and he wore it every day for over 30 years. Those who knew him claimed he sold more vehicles than anyone else in the history of cars sales.

Why People Are Broke

If you are not a prosurvival person, you do not get wealthy. For example, an evil person wants people to get sick or suffer. He or she repels people with constant complaints and negative comments. No one wants to give such a person their money. The evil person is broke.

If you are a prosurvival person, but make no attempt to attract attention, you do not get wealthy either. For example, you create an inexpensive online course that teaches math to kids. You wait and wait for parents to find your course with no success. You are not attracting any attention to your prosurvival service.

If you then find a dozen ways to attract attention to your online course, you start to make money.

As another example, employees who never tell their bosses about their terrific accomplishments do not get raises or promotions. Businesses who never promote themselves never grow.

They need to learn the secret to wealth is attracting prosurvival attention.

Ten Tips for Attracting Attention

Businesses increase their incomes by attracting prosurvival attention with many forms of public relations and marketing activities. You can do the same as an individual with actions like these.

1. Do things that are so beneficial that people are compelled to spread the news.

2. Share stories about how you are personally helping customers or clients. Tell everyone who will listen.

3. Promote something unique about yourself or what you do, like the man in the green hat. Stand out from the crowd.

4. Strike up conversations with strangers whenever possible.

5. Spread the news about your good work to everyone at your job, especially those who you depend on for your income, like your boss.

6. Go to social events and meet as many new people as you can.

7. Get your family and friends to talk about the many ways you help people.

8. Speak in public at every opportunity.

9. Post your prosurvival acts and ideas on the web, such as Facebook, blogs, your website and so on.

10. Learn the 17 differences between professionals and amateurs and be a professional at all times.

Remember: the more attention you attract to your prosurvival activities, the more money you will make.