Make More Money by Confronting Money

Steve has the golden touch. Everything he does makes money. As an employee at a furniture store, he gets fast promotions and raises. After five years, he is the top manager and makes a deal with the owner to buy the business. He makes several improvements and triples the income. He has no debt, saves money every month and has a lot of fun.

Andy never has any money. He works hard at the same furniture company, but never gets ahead. He can’t remember his last raise and is terrified of starting a business. He spends more than he makes, so his debts are steadily increasing. Because he constantly worries about money, he has health problems, as well.

What is the greatest difference between Steve and Andy?

“Man is having trouble with finance? Obviously, he is unwilling to confront* money.” — L. Ron Hubbard (*Confront has two common definitions: 1) meet face-to-face in hostility or defiance. 2) face up to and deal with a problem; to be courageous. In this article, we are using the second definition.)

To resolve money troubles, you confront or face all aspects of money. To really confront something, you have no resistance, no hesitation and no emotion. You courageously, but simply face it.

For example, you can probably confront an apple. The apple does not scare you or upset you. You can easily control and enjoy the apple.

However, a credit card bill, a financial disagreement or a problem with taxes may not be as easy for you to face. These areas of low confront actually hurt your ability to earn money.

When you face something completely, the area starts to improve. It’s amazing how much money you can make when you improve your ability to confront money problems.

Using our example above, Steve is a financial success because he faces all financial problems. For example, he fearlessly sells big packages of office furniture to the toughest customers.

Andy gets so nervous when talking to big-shot customers that he prefers to stay in the store instead of going to customer’s offices. If he were willing to confront tough customers, and went to see them despite his fear, he would conquer his fear and earn more money.

Two Steps for Increasing Your Financial Confront

If you are not making as much money as you like, what about money are you not confronting?

Non-confront comes in many forms: fear, avoidance, shyness, laziness, procrastination, terror, pretense, anxiety, stress, worry, upsets, forgetfulness, disorganization, hatred, lies, shame, blame, regret, critical thoughts and excuses. Do you experience any of these forms of non-confront regarding money?

If you are willing to increase your ability to confront money, you will have more of it. All you need to do is:

1. Identify an aspect of money you are not confronting.

2. Confront it: face it, deal with it, be courageous, take responsibility for it; invest the hard work and persistence required to resolve it.

20 Questions

To help you get started, these questions can help you identify the areas of money you should confront.

1. How much money do you owe?
2. How much loan interest do you pay per month?
3. How much money do you spend per month? On what?
4. How much money do you waste per month?
5. Is your checkbook balanced?
6. Do you avoid preparing tax forms?
7. Are you not paying money you promised to pay?
8. Are you avoiding anyone who owes you money?
9. Are you involved in a financial disagreement?
10. What are you doing with money that you should not be doing? That you should be doing?
11. Do you have a long-term financial plan?
12. What work skills should you improve?
13. How could you produce a better service or product?
14. What about your income are you avoiding?
15. What do you lie about regarding money?
16. What bad habits do you have with money?
17. What scares you about money?
18. What are you putting off?
19. What do you hate about money?
20. What steps would be needed for you to increase your income? Which of these steps seem too difficult for you to face?

Pick one thing you are willing to confront, confront it today and see what happens!

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