Mood Boosters

As explained in the “Emotional Tone Scale,” the higher your tone level and better your mood, the greater your success.

Being in a great mood all day helps you think better and work better. You get more done in less time. Everyone wants you on their team, and in their lives.

You can boost your mood artificially with bad habits like drinking, smoking, eating junk food, watching TV, gambling, social media, shopping, drugs, video games, etc. Unfortunately, the pleasurable effects are temporary and you then need to repeat the bad habit to handle your worsened mood. Bad habits based on artificial mood boosters also ruin your relationships, your income and your health.

Fortunately, you can boost your mood without chemicals or other bad habits. Natural mood boosters are healthy and free! You get yourself high on life.

Take control of your tone level with methods like these. Try them all to see which ones work best for you. Repeat them whenever your tone level needs a boost.

Mood Boosters 1-10

New! Mood Boosters 11-20

More mood boosters will be announced in future TipsForSuccess emails.


Mood Boosters 1-10

1. Be Grateful

Write down things for which you are grateful. Who can you thank? Do it! Send them an email or pat them on the back.

2. Enjoy Nature

Get outside and look at trees, clouds, birds and so on. Interact with an animal or take a hike. You soon feel a boost.

3. Imagine Feeling Wonderful

Have a daydream about this good feeling until your tone level goes up.

4. Forgive Yourself

If you did something wrong or made a big mistake in the past bothers you, forgive yourself. It was the best decision you could make at that time. Let it go and smile.

5. Enjoy the Future . . . Now

What excites you about the future? What accomplishment will make you proud of yourself? Let those feelings of joy wash over you, then shift your focus to present time.

6. Don’t Let the News or Social Media Ruin Your Mood

Huge corporations spend millions of dollars to suck you in and control your attention. When you feel the “need to know,” shift your attention to the real world in front of you. Stay in control of your attention until you rise up the tone scale.

7. Be Your Best Friend

Pat yourself on the back or give yourself a hug. Treat yourself better than everyone else in the world.

8. Handle a Fear or Worry by Saying, “So What?”

For example, “So what if I run out of money?” “So what if Karen doesn’t like my gift.” “So what if I get ripped off? I’ll be fine.”

9. Lighten Up

Stop taking yourself so seriously. Each time you look in the mirror, smile or make a goofy face at yourself.

10. Be a Hero

Help people until you feel wonderful. You never regret being kind or generous.

Mood Boosters 11-20

11. Enjoy the Completion of a Difficult Task

Select an important job you have to do. Imagine the joy of completing it until your mood gets a boost. You don’t even need to lift a finger, just use your imagination. If you then do the job, your pleasure will be 10 times greater.

12. Jump

That’s right. Just jump up and down until you feel a boost of joy. Even if you have to steady yourself against a table and can only jump an inch or two, do it.

13. Remember Things You’ve Done Right

Make a list of a few of your successes. What have you done that was good for you and others? Continue until you feel a boost. Small actions work just as well.

14. Get Interested

What do you see around you that is interesting? What interesting activity can you do today? What is the most interesting thing you are involved with?

15. Bring Order

Organize confusion. Fix something that is broken. Clean up things just for fun.

16. Take off a Hat that You Hate

Pick something you do that sucks life out of you, and stop doing it. It might be a useless job, a duty you dislike or a responsibility that is not actually yours. If you have no choice about the duty, temporarily take off the hat until you feel happier, then jump back into it with enthusiasm.

17. Find the Joke

What’s funny about a serious problem you currently face? How can you laugh about your challenges? Look for the humor in any situation and you will find it! A wonderful solution to the problem may become obvious to you.

18. Do Your Best

Be happy with your best decisions, your best work and your best results. Improve yourself and your performance whenever possible. As long as you do your best, you have nothing to regret.

19. Flow Some Love

Send affinity, admiration and respect to someone you know. You can do this in the physical world or in the spiritual world. Repeat with other people until you feel terrific.

20. Create Something

Design, write, draw or build something wonderful. Make it unique to you. Create a masterpiece!